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Rita Matiko

Jenean Beke before & after training at Spire Fitness



Jenean Beke

Colleen helped Jeanne, a 37-year old mother of two, lose 20 pounds and become a competitive bodybuilder. 

Kathryn Hulin

I have been training with Colleen for past 8 months and love her and her classes. It is held in a relaxing environment and her workouts are challenging and also customizable

Maureen York

Colleen is a high energy coach!  Her enthusiasm for fitness is infectious. She projects and believes  "You can do it " while working right alongside of you.

Jodi Schafer

I've been working out with Colleen for 2 years . She's been a lifesaver for me because exercising had never been fun for me, but now it is. She’s warm and welcoming and has introduced me to a group of women I enjoy seeing. She is professional, knowledgeable, and I look forward to going to the classes. It is a positive experience both physically and mentally. And I’m now in great shape!

Carol DiGiovanni

Colleen has been my trainer, my mentor and my friend for a few years. Her attitude and approach towards healthy living and fitness is by far the best. She approach’s each client with respect and kindness while evaluating each person’s abilities.  You will feel wonderful about yourself after spending time with her. I cannot say enough positive comments.


Colleen has been training me since January 2014. She is the only trainer I have ever stayed with for longer than a few months. Her dedication to helping me reach my health and fitness goals has been unmatched. Whether through nutrition or physical fitness programs, Colleen always stays one step ahead of the competition and provides the perfect mix of challenge and satisfaction for me. She is always extremely attentive to my needs, limits, and how far she can push me past my comfort zone. I am very impressed by her passion and skill. There is nobody I’d rather have to support me!


I have been training with Colleen since November of 2015 as a result of the passionate testimonials of her clients. When I came on board I was not disappointed. What makes her so great? She truly cares about each and every one of her clients.  Her dedication to pushing us just hard enough to achieve results with each session is truly impressive. I look forward to training with Colleen, not because it is fun, but because each workout provides a satisfying challenge. Every time I train I feel that I get closer to achieving the goals we have set together.  I would not be making the progress I am today without the dedication of Colleen.

A. Loper

Colleen truly cares about her clients and that is obvious with each and every session she has with my daughter Abby. She has the ability to keep my daughter motivated and  inspired. Abby's agility, endurance and strength have all improved with Colleen's help!

Marnie Kirby

Colleen runs a great class for kids and makes working out really fun! She challenges children out of their comfort zone but meets the kids on their level. The workouts are always different and my children looked forward to each session. Colleen is very a personable, well-rounded person and trainer.

Linda Rohr

My son has been a client of Colleen’s for 5 years now, since he was 10 years old. Working with Colleen has cultivated a love of fitness, confidence, and a healthy sense of competition. He has trained with her one on one and in small group sessions. Colleen keeps him motivated and keeps things interesting with weights, plyometrics, agility, obstacle courses and functional training. As he’s gotten older and more involved in sports, Colleen customizes his workouts to his needs like speed and agility. He even asks for training packages as birthday and Christmas gifts. As a mom, I know he is in good hands with a trainer that understands and appreciates kids. 

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