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Personal training

Image by Samantha Gades

Training made personal

COVID-19 Update: Spire Fitness personal training sessions are offered virtually via Zoom, in-home, outdoors or in-studio in accordance with local, state and CDC guidelines.


"I’m more than just your fitness coach. I'm here to help you overcome obstacles and support you throughout your fitness journey. I take time to get to know you to build the right workout routine, meal plan and overall strategy for achieving your personal health goals.”-  Colleen B. Wiechnik, Owner of Spire Fitness

Personal training offers many benefits, including:

  • Maximum workout effectiveness

  • Reduced risk of injury

  • More motivation

  • Greater accountability

  • Personalized, realistic training plan

  • Introduces new challenges

  • Increased variety

  • Progress tracking

  • Greater scheduling flexibility

Spire Fitness offers a variety of virtual and in-person personal training packages. Book your first session today! For more information, contact Colleen at 610-348-1118 or

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