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Spire Fitness works with athletes, women, men and children to make fitness more fun.  Colleen, Owner of SpireFit, enjoys creating indoor and outdoor obstacle courses and other balance-building activities to keep children healthy and let them expend their pent up energy.


While some children do great in organized sports, others may need other methods of exercise. When starting strength training with kids, it's important they learn proper technique from a professional. All Spire Fitness's kid's workouts are taught by licensed personal trainers and include time to warm up, stretch and cool down. 


Kid's Boot camp series

Starts September 30! 

Limited Spots Available

Spire Fitness is passionate about helping kids develop life-long healthy habits, including enjoying regular exercise.

Join us for this special six-week kid’s boot camp series focused on developing your child’s physical abilities, coordination, balance, confidence and social skills through games, obstacles, dance and more! Our classes provide a safe and nurturing environment where everyone is welcome.

Take a break and let Spire Fitness help your kids burn off some energy and have some fun!

Ages 5-9


6-Class Series $75 | 12-Class Series $125 | Drop-In $15

Sept 30-Nov 4 | Wed 4 p.m. | Falls Park Soccer Fields

Oct 10-Nov 14 | Sat 11 a.m. | Core Cree Park Pavilion 10

Questions? Email Colleen at or call/text 610-348-1118.



Is it safe for kids to strength train? Will it stunt their growth or increase the risk of injury?
Quite the opposite! Starting as early as 7 or 8, under proper guidance and supervision, kids can safely train with light weights, bodyweight or resistance bands.

What are the advantages of children exercising?

  • Improved balance, body awareness, and control

  • Increased muscle strength and endurance that translates to improved overall sports performance

  • Protection of muscles, tendons, and joints from injury

  • Strengthened bones

  • Improved overall health, immunity, and healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Development of proper lifting techniques before poor movement patterns become embedded

  • Increased self-confidence, self-esteem, and a higher prevalence to live an overall healthy lifestyle


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