Spirefit training has been working with athletes, women and men and children to make fitness more fun.  Colleen enjoys creating inside and outside obstacle courses and other balance building activities to keep children healthy and lets them expand their pent up energy. While some children do great in organized sports there are some children who get left by the wayside because they may not be as coordinated, fast or agile as other children. When children learn fun methods of exercise, it becomes a lifestyle. Children realize that their are alternatives to playing video games or hanging out on social media and incorporating fitness into activities with their friends. 

Is it safe for kids to strength train? Will it stunt their growth or increase risk of injury?
Quite the opposite! Starting as early as 7 or 8, under proper guidance and supervision, kids can safely train with light weights, body weight, or resistance bands.

The advantages to youth strength training are huge:

• Improved balance, body awareness, and control
• Increased muscle strength and endurance that translates to improved overall sports performance
• Protection of muscles, tendons, and joints from injury
• Strengthened bones
• Improved overall health, immunity, and healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
• Development of proper lifting techniques before poor movement patterns become embedded
• Increased self-confidence, self-esteem, and a higher prevalence to live an overall healthy lifestyle

Make sure that when starting strength training with kids, proper technique is taught by a professional with initial movements being performed at mastery with only body weight before moving on to any added resistance. Warm up, stretching, and a cool down should also be part of the program. Proper post-workout nutrition should include a low-heat processed isolate protein combined with a glucose/carb powder to repair micro-tears in the muscles, reduce soreness, and speed recovery within 30-minutes of completion of a workout.

Kids Races

ages  7-14

Cost: $12.00/race

6:00 p.m. registration

6:15 p.m. race starts

Falls Park 9125 Mill Creek Rd. Levittown, PA 19055 (Pavilion by softball fields)

Color Run
(1 mile & 2 mile options)


 Fitkidder Obstacle 
Course Run



Color Run
(2 mile)


Fitkidder Obstacle
Course Run

Children will receive award medal for participation and a snack following the races.

colleen b. wiechnik

certified personal trainer

Phone:  610.348.1118 


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