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Spire Fitness regularly hosts special fitness, nutrition and wellness programs, courses and challenges. Check out our current offerings below and connect with us on Facebook page for the latest information.

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Summer Shape Up Challenge​

Contact for more information on upcoming sessions.

This amazing program is limited to 10 women so you get the individual attention and group support you need to succeed.

Surround yourself with a group of amazing, confident women ready to ROCK bathing suits and positivity with Spire Fit’s 8-week Every Body IS a Beach Body Program.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, boost mental focus, or feel more confident, this program has the tools, support, & motivation you need.

Check This Out >> For the first time EVER, Spire Fit is hosting a professional photo shoot at the end of the program where participants don SWIMWEAR, showing off their beautiful beach bodies. Consider it extra motivation!


What You Get

Fitness + Nutrition

  • Unlimited fitness classes

  • 20% off personal training

  • Break Through Your Plateau Guide

  • Guided 5-Day Sugar Detox Program

  • Dietician-approved meal plan

  • Grocery shopping lists

  • Delicious and easy-to-make recipes



  • Goal Setting Workbook

  • Weekly emails filled with mindset resources, activities to keep you motivated, fitness and nutrition tips and guidance, and much more

  • Weekly one-on-one support and goal tracking with a coach

  • Accountability partner

  • A private Facebook group for support, community, and fun


Photo Shoot

At the end of the program, we’ll celebrate our progress with a swimwear photo shoot with a professional photographer. Each participant receives a digital copy of our group PLUS an individual photo as well!


Program Preview

  • Sugar Detox – 5-day jumpstart filled with tips, support, and delicious recipes to get you started right

  • Buddy Up – Motivation, socialization, and results all wrapped up in a pretty accountability-buddy package

  • Metabolism Jumpstart – A fantastic bonus guide to help you boost calorie burn and accelerate results

  • The Break Through – Tools to not only break through a plateau but avoid it in the first place

Questions? Email Colleen at or call/text 610-348-1118.

Holiday Party

Holiday Accountability challenge 

Contact for more information on upcoming sessions.

The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy your friends, family, and all life has to offer, but it also causes many of us to lose sight of our health goals. Our fitness and nutrition experts are here to provide support, motivation and accountability to ensure you take care of you this holiday season!


What You Get

  • Six-week accountability program (Nov 30 to Jan 10)

  • Live kick-off call

  • Online consultation with a registered dietitian and nutritionist

  • Access to InBody body composition analysis

  • Daily and weekly health/wellness/lifestyle tasks

  • Weekly emails with tips, guidance and resources

  • Weekly check-ins for questions, support and accountability

  • Plus, by completing this six-week challenge, you'll receive a special discount for SpireFit personal training and/or nutritional coaching services!

Questions? Email Colleen at or call/text 610-348-1118.

total body transformation challenge

Contact for information on upcoming sessions.

Jumpstart your health with Spire Fitness’s Total Body Transformation! Our fitness and nutrition experts give you the motivation and support you need to transform your body and mind to feel energized and ready to take on whatever comes your way!


What You Get

Join us for six weeks – that’s 42 days - of heart-pumping, immune-boosting coaching, accountability and workouts to help you feel strong in body and mind.



  • Six weeks of unlimited access to daily, in-person outdoor or live virtual fitness classes, including group training, yoga, barre, boot camp, HIIT and more.

  • A weekly on-demand workout for you to do at your convenience.

  • All workouts are family-friendly and suitable for all ages and abilities.

  • Group training classes are led by Spire Fitness’s awesome team of instructors.



  • Six weeks of healthy, dietician-approved meal plans

  • Six-weekly grocery shopping lists

  • 67 delicious and easy-to-make recipes



  • Easy-to-follow mindset transformation success manual

  • One-on-one support of a coach

  • A private Facebook group for support, community and fun

Questions? Email Colleen at or call/text 610-348-1118.

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