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Meet our team
Colleen B Wiechnik


Hi, I'm Colleen! I'm the proud owner of Spire Fitness and a professional personal trainer. I'm here to help you get fit and stay fit. I prepare, motivate and instruct my clients to teach them correct exercise techniques along with developing proper nutritional habits. 


I also have certifications in A.C.E., PLYOGA and TRX.


My specialties include:

•  Circuit Training

•  Functional Fitness

•  Strength Training

•  Weight-loss

•  Youth Agility and Sport-Specific Training

I’ve worked with all ages from 7-81. I also have experience in helping people with pre and post-surgery training (Hips, Knee, Shoulder, Back, Wrist).


Private Coach

Hi, I'm Jeff!  


I am a personal trainer here at Spire Fitness. I believe that anyone can achieve their fitness goals with the right coach. I have 20 years of experience and have trained clients from all walks of life. I got into this business for two reasons: To coach people.  For them to pass that knowledge onto others. My motto is: Lift. Learn. Pass On. 

     So whether you are an 18 year old bodybuilder, have a special needs family member, a 53 year old woman trying to get back into shape, an obese individual who is on medications for at risk diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, etc. i have worked with them all. 


I am NASM Certified, Pain Free Certified, and Nutrition Certified (NASM). 


My specialties include:

•  Men and Women's Physique (casual or competitive)

•  Strength Training (from rank beginner to advanced)

•  Powerlifting (from rank beginner to competition prep)

•  Weight-loss (whether you're trying to lose 10 lbs. or 100 lbs. 

•  Specificity in certain sports (Football, Basketball, Soccer, Sprinting)

If you are interested in training feel free to text or call 267-945-7202 or email

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