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Group Fitness Class Registration No Show & Late Cancellation Policy

At SpireFit, we want everyone to have the opportunity to experience our group fitness classes. One of our top priorities as your fitness coaches is to keep you committed to your goals and staying on track with your health and fitness.

To make sure we can accommodate everyone who wants to take classes, we are introducing our new group fitness class reservation and cancellation policies for our clients, members, and guests.


all members must register for group fitness classes. You can register for classes by making an account on the SpireFit website or by contacting Spire Fitness at 610-348-1118.

There is no guarantee of class space if you do not register.


You made a reservation for a class, but something comes up and you can't make it. What should you do?

We get it, things come up. You don’t feel well, your kids are sick, and life happens. Cancel your reservation IMMEDIATELY.

Please cancel reservations a minimum of 12 hours before a class's starting time. If you do not cancel 12 hours prior to your class start time, unlimited class members will be charged $20 & class-pack members forfeit one class session.

New clients will be allowed to miss classes. If there should be a sudden emergency within the 12-hour window, please contact the studio as soon as possible.

Important notes:

  • If you do not have a credit card on your account and/or if it is declined, your account will show a negative balance and you will be required to balance this out upon your next visit.

  • If you are ill and unable to attend your scheduled class, please let us know immediately to avoid the cancellation fee being charged. You will not be able to return to classes for 72-hours post notification/late-cancel if you have been ill.

  • Pay per session/Drop In/Group Packages (not unlimited) not canceled before the 12-hour window or client no-show will result in a forfeit of the reserved class; losing the session/class.

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